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Train station, Dobbiaco.

Three persons get off the train ... it is the 13th of December, 1946

The three persons are the accountant Eugenio Bruno Comini, his wife Enrica and the mother Josephine Lindeman, arriving from Riva del Garda to take over the management of a small hotel - the Hotel Europa.


Grandfather Eugenio and Enrica

Already in the early years the business is doing well, and in 1951, Eugenio Bruno decides to take over a historic hotel in Dobbiaco: the Hotel Union.

From that moment on, the fate of the hotel is inseparably tied to the Comini family.

It is the beginning of an exciting story, which not always proceeded smoothly, but generally successful. Eugenio Bruno Comini, a respected member of the community and a strong character, always showed great foresight and an innovative approach – It was him, who in the spring of 1970 built the first indoor tennis court in the Pusteria Valley, at the Hotel Union. His wife Enrica loyally supported him in all his endeavours.
The first years were tough but successful. In 1956, the Olympic Winter Games took place in Cortina, and the Hotel Union was home to journalists and fans of the Russian team. Son Bruno was born in 1949. He spent much of his childhood with Enrica’s sister in Verona, so the parents could fully concentrate on the hotel. After graduation, Bruno decides to work together with his parents at the hotel.

Bruno e Daniela

Bruno continues determinedly to manage the Union Hotel, with impeccable service and modern adaptations, always in the spirit of his father. But Bruno is not only an hotelier with heart and soul – he also has a rather eccentric hobby: In the 70s he worked in the hotel's tavern as a disc jockey and organized events and game nights. Until the end of the 90s, Dobbiaco was one of the most popular destinations for tourists from Germany, Holland and Belgium. And thanks to his distinctive talent for foreign languages, Bruno could welcome many of his guests in their native language at the Union Hotel.

In 1979 Bruno marries Maria Daniela, a beautiful and hard working girl from the province of Padua, who had visited the hotel as a guest. Daniela gives up her job as a dietician and becomes a member of the Comini family. Thanks to her strong character, her kindness, her great patience and her organizational skills she soon becomes an important person in the company, in support of the second woman of the house - Enrica - until her death in 1991. From that moment on Daniela is truly irreplaceable.


Alberto, Enrico and Eugenia

In 1981, the first child – Alberto – is born, followed by Enrico (1984) and Eugenia (1988) - Daniela outstandingly masters her role as a working mother and is very dedicated to her children. All three have different characters and ideas they bring into the family. After university and various experiences abroad, now a generational change takes place: new challenges are waiting, which they will master considering the signs of the times, but always keeping in mind the life experiences and the professional advice of their grandfather Eugenio and their parents.

– Room with a view –


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– Winter –


Luckily, Dobbiaco is located exactly between two popular ski areas: In a short time, you may reach Cortina d’Ampezzo (Monte Cristallo, Faloria, Tofane and more) or Plan de Corones - the # 1 ski resort in South Tyrol. ... more

– Summer –


An important cultural event in June: the Sacred Heart Bonfires, sparked off every year on the third Sunday after Pentecost in South Tyrol. The Sacred Heart Bonfires represent the deeply rooted Christian faith of the local population. ... more